Hello, I'm Daniel.

About me

My name is Daniel van Hoesel, people also call me DEE, the first letter of my name. I'm a freelance full stack developer with more than 17 years of professional experience but I was already writing code since I've built my first computer as a teenager.

I'm x years old and live with my wife and 2 kids in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

When I'm not making software or spending time with my family, I'm building furniture and other interior products that my wife and I are designing and selling via her blog interikleur.com.

I really enjoy the challenge of brainstorming, architecting, and developing new products from concept to production solutions. I work as lean and agile as possible and always write clean, well tested, and maintainable code. I try to deploy as often as I can by making features as small as possible to see if ideas work before wasting time on things no one will use.

I try to work remote or hybrid most of the time.

Have a question or want to discuss a new project? Just email or call me.


These are some of the technologies I've worked with. Some more recent than others. Some more in-depth than others.

I believe that the project and environment show what tech stack is useful. You can't fix everything with a hammer, sometimes you'll need different tools to fix the problem.

Recent Experience

  1. Feb 2020 - present

    Freelance Software Engineer - Scribbr

    Building various tools to help students become better writers.

    • TypeScript
    • NodeJS
    • React
    • Express
    • PDF.js
    • AWS
    • PostgreSQL
    • spaCy
    • NLP
    • Machine Learning
  2. Apr 2011 - Jan 2020

    Agile Software Engineer - Zilverline

    Developed various software applications and products as a Senior Agile Software Engineer. On Mobile (iOS, Android), Web, and Embedded platforms.

    Worked in various Scrum teams as member or Scrum Master.

  3. Jun 2019 - Jan 2020

    Software Engineer - Reisbalans

    Development of a corporate travel budget solution.

    • Ruby on Rails
    • PostgreSQL
    • jQuery
    • React
    • AWS
    • Ansible
  4. Apr 2016 - Jun 2019

    Software Engineer - Thinka

    Development of various Smart Home products.

    • NodeJS
    • React
    • RxJS
    • Ruby on Rails
    • AWS
    • PostgreSQL


Have a question or want to discuss a new project?
Just email or call me.

Kievitstraat 3
2025 ZH Haarlem
The Netherlands

KvK: 76788083
BTW-ID: NL003135060B87